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Worker's Compensation

XactPay - Pay-As-You-Go Worker's Compensation from the Hartford.

XactPay - the easy way to pay!

No more guesswork. Now XactPay lets you pay worker's compensation premiums based on your actual payroll!

Most worker's compensation insurance policies tie up vital cash by requiring you to pay in advance an estimated premium based on your projected year-end payroll.

With XactPay, premiums for worker's compensation are based on your actual payroll and paid as you process payroll. With no up-front deposits and audit adjustments minimized, you are in a much better position to manage your cash flow.

XactPay gives you maximum control of your worker's compensation costs. XactPay is seamlessly integrated with payroll services you already enjoy. Once you sign up, the guesswork of calculating worker's compensation costs and remitting payment is taken care of. Since you pay premium only for actual payroll on a per pay-period basis, you're better positioned to meet your planning and management goals.

The benefits of XactPay are clear: