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Paying your employees has never been easier! It is easy as 1, 2, 3. You enter hours. We do the rest.

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  • Your employees have been paid.
  • Your payroll reports are available online.
  • Your payroll tax deposits and reports are filed on time.

Take Note of Our Payroll Services

  • 24/7/365 access to payroll information
  • Payroll submission - online, fax, or phone
  • Check processing/direct deposit - use printed checks or direct deposit
  • Tax services - we file and pay all your taxes with guaranteed accuracy
  • Electronic child support - direct deposit agency checks directly to the state
  • Employee Self-Serve - access pay stubs and pay history anytime
  • Online reporting - view and export reports in real time
  • Payroll debit cards - direct deposit for employees who don't have a checking account
  • Accounting software integration - easy integration with QuickBooks and other software

What About Support?

  • Reach a support person immediately by phone or email!
  • We have over 100 years of combined payroll experience.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, reliable service.
  • We have been able to build our business almost entirely on customer referrals as a result of our first class customer support!


Every employer with over 50 or more full-time equivalent employees (FTE) is required tofurnish Form 1095C to every full-time employee and file with the IRS on an annual basis. In addition to annual reporting we provide tracking so you know when to offer insurance to qualified employees.

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Employers are required to disclose & maintain the following information

  • Number of full time employees for each month during the calendar year.
  • Insurance plan details including Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) & Minimum Essential Value (MEV).
  • Information for each Full Time employee, including name, address and taxpayer EIN/SSN.
  • Certification by month that Full Time employees were given opportunity to enroll in MEC.
  • Monthly information about each employee's plan coverage, including employee's share of the cost.
  • Dependent information, if self-insured.

Fastpay ACA Tracking and Reporting is your compliance solution!

  • Assists employer with calculating status based on custom measurement period.
  • Web-based and always accessible.
  • Generates the IRS Forms 1094C and 1095C automatically.
  • Fully automated with payroll/insurance information.
  • Access to multiple webinars if training is desired (as well as access to a resource page).
  • Updates to reflect evolving ACA rules and regulations.
  • Assigns various administrative rights and access privileges to different users for added security.
  • Manages an unlimited number of companies.
  • Minimizes compliance risk for ACA and its associated reporting requirements.

Fastpay's ACA system integrates and automates the compliance process by providing a software tool that allows the employer, the health insurance agent and the payroll processor to complete their specific functions.


Accounting Software Integration

Let our Accounting Software Integration help you easily post payroll entries to your general ledger in just seconds.

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With Accounting Software Integration you:

  • Save time. Rather than typing payroll information twice, just import your payroll entries into your general ledger with a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Find and review payroll journal entries anywhere, anytime. When you need to look up a certain pay period's journal entry, you won't have to search through mountains of payroll records and paperwork.
  • Drastically reduce your chance for human error. Importing journal entries instead of typing them eliminates double entry.

Time & Attendance Management

Integrate payroll and time attendance and what do you get? The easiest way of processing payroll you will ever experience! Fastpay has developed the most simple user interface on the market. No more 'mousing' around. Everything is right where you need it.

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Just think...

  • No more calculating hours
  • No more double entry into payroll and time and attendance
  • No more buddy punching
  • No overpaying due to calculation errors

Worker’s Compensation

We offer XactPay - Pay-As-You-Go Worker's Compensation and many other options. No more guesswork. Now XactPay lets you pay worker's compensation premiums based on your actual payroll!

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Control Your Worker's Compensation

  • Most worker's compensation insurance policies tie up vital cash by requiring you to pay in advance an estimated premium based on your projected year-end payroll.
  • With XactPay, premiums for worker's compensation are based on your actual payroll and paid as you process payroll. With no up-front deposits and audit adjustments minimized, you are in a much better position to manage your cash flow.
  • XactPay gives you maximum control of your worker's compensation costs. XactPay is seamlessly integrated with payroll services you already enjoy. Once you sign up, the guesswork of calculating worker's compensation costs and remitting payment is taken care of. Since you pay premium only for actual payroll on a per pay-period basis, you're better positioned to meet your planning and management goals.

The Benefits of XactPay are Clear

  • No down payment
  • No checks to write
  • No monthly billing fees to pay
  • Accurate calculations based on your actual payroll
  • Better cash flow management
  • Minimize the audit adjustment
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HR Support Center – HR Answer Link

Our HR Support Center provides anytime, anywhere access to critical human resource information to help you grow and protect your business. This online resource keeps you updated on the various state and local laws, giving you the guidance you need to make timely business decisions.

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Give Your HR Department Some Support

  • Access the latest HR news updates
  • Build your own employee handbook
  • Access Federal and State forms
  • Review employment letters
  • Follow termination procedures and guidelines
  • Access helpful guides to annual performance reviews

Additionally, an optional HR On-Demand service provides immediate access to a team of HR professionals. They research your specific requests and provide you with thorough answers…all within 24 hours!

With our HR Support Center, you have a cost effective, reliable place to turn with your HR questions and issues.